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Specifying search criteria
Search tips

Specifying Search Criteria

You can search one or more of the following fields:
  • First name (e.g. Ben)
  • Last Name (e.g. Goldman)
  • Full name (the user's preferred given name(s) and surname, e.g. Ben Goldman)
  • Telephone
  • E-mail address
  • Department
  • Category (e.g. Student, Staff)
You must specify one of the following matching operators for each field:
  • Contains (i.e. contains the search string anywhere)
  • Is (i.e. matches exactly)
  • Starts with

The search string can contain an asterisk (*), a wildcard character that will match anything. For example, "ro*son" will match "Robson", "Roloson", and "Robertson". This is quite handy if you are not quite sure of spelling of a name.

If you use the 'Contains' operator, the search string can contain more than part. The parts will be matched in any order. For example, "james cliff" will match "Alan James Clifford" and "Heathcliff Herbert Jameson".

Search strings are not case sensitive. "Ian Wong" and "ian wong" mean the same thing to the directory.

You can add more search criteria by pressing the 'More Criteria' button, and reduce the number of criteria by pressing the 'Less Criteria' button. If a criterion has a blank search string it will be ignored.

sbobet euroSearch Tips

In most cases, the criterion "Full Name Contains" will be adequate to find who you are looking for. Enter as much of the surname as you can. If you are unsure of spelling, use the asterisk character to skip the bits you are not sure of. For common surnames, enter some or all of the person's given names, otherwise you will get hundreds of names returned. If you cannot find someone by their usual given name, try the more formal version, for example, 'Susan Brown' rather than 'Sue Brown'.

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